NorskFlørt match guarantee

We at NorskFlørt will do everything we can to help you find a partner through our service. It is therefore natural for us to extend your membership for free if you do not find someone you like. The rules are simple: We do absolutely everything we can to help you find the right one and you do everything you can to do the same!

How the guarantee works:

The guarantee applies to all members as of the date the membership was purchased. By buying 50 coins and more per 1 transaction, we guarantee at least 5 regular contacts for you.

What is meant by a 'match'?

A match is defined as a personal written message, which is either sent by you or another member in response to a smile, sent questions or a message. This is how a mutual and regular contact between you and the other member is being established.

You must take initiative in your attempts to find someone. That means :
  • You have sent at least 10 messages in one week or at least 20 messages in two weeks. These messages are supposed to be sent to 5 different profiles.
  • You have filled out the page "My Profile" well and completely.
  • You uploaded at least one profile picture.
  • You have an active user account.
  • You log in to your profile regularly.

Once your information has been checked, you will receive the same coin package for free! Do you see ? You have nothing to lose! NorskFlørt guarantees 100% satisfaction!

Please note that NorskFlørt terms of use apply to the entire website. In case of terms of use violation, "match guarantee" will not be taken into consideration. Read terms of use carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

The guarantee will no longer be valid if your account is closed as a result of breach   of general guidelines or terms of use. The warranty will also not be valid if you request to delete your account.

If you have any questions about match guarantee, please feel free to contact our customer service through our contact form.